Venice Daily Sailing Tours

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Venice Daily Sailing Tours

Boat: Levrier des Mer 14 mt
Embarkation from: Marina Vento di Venezia- Certosa Island (ITA)
Disembarkation at: Marina Vento di Venezia- Certosa Island (ITA)
Check-in: 9:30 am
Check-out: 17:30-18:00 pm
Sailing experience: Nature, Relax, Adventure
Price: 150€ per person
Extra costs on request: sunset dinner 50€ – tourist guide 100€
Kitchen service
Dinghy outboard engine
Insurance Policy
End cleaning
Sailing itinerary: embarkation from Marina Vento of Venice (La Certosa island) at 9:30, welcome briefing, outline of safety measure and of fundamentals of sailing. We will sail up the Canal Tre Porti along Riva dei Sabbioni and we will arrive at Lio Piccolo where we could get off and visit an ancient fishing village. Here we will have the chance to have a great lunch in a typical tavern. In the afternoon we will sail towards Mazzorbo passing through San Frances¬co del Deserto, the seat of a Franciscan monas¬tery which, prior authorization, can be visited. Then we will arrive at the Island of Sant’Erasmo, where you could ride around getting on nice bicycles. We will leave again for Certosa Island where we will go ashore at 6 pm. Anyone wishing to dine enjoying the sunset in the lagoon can do so, the departure will be at 7pm with return at 10pm.
Venice daily sailing tour itinerary may vary according to weather and operation conditions at the skipper’s discretion.
Sailing packing tips: to pack your luggage for Venice Daily Sailing Tours we suggest using soft bags or duffle bags (no hard suitcases) to be easily stored on board; before boarding, it is required to wear a pair of shoes with clean rubber sole (like sport shoes). We advice also to bring a sunhat and a sunscreen. Sailing oilskin and outdoor clothing required.

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